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My experiences at these places

Bumper Cars: Anyone else get excited at earliest age you heard about these? Of course every kid wants to 'drive something'... One thing I'd like to try but haven't yet is a go-kart cart track...

That Pirate Ship that goes upside-down and wallets and keys drop out of people 'every single time': I chickened out of a line for that thing when I was 14 and still haven't been on one till this day..

My first amusement park was a place called Kings Dominion. My first roller coaster was a nothing ride there called "The Scooby Do", my second one (same day) was "The Shock Wave" (which I do believe was billed as the first 'stand-up' rollercoaster)... My third one was probably "The Rebel Yell", which I remember being lots of fun...

There used to be a carnival one or more times a year near some place I used to live... I used to ride The Scrambler repeatedly to see how long it would take to get sick. This ride is apparently a very scaled-down version of The Twist/Twister if you know what those are...

But one memory I have of themeparks is nailing some gradeschool kid who I wanted to be friends with but who didn't like me back with a water gun. Some thrills you don't have to wait in Line For :-D
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